A severed arm, found buried in the White House Rose Garden. A lethal message with terrible consequences for the Presidency. And a hidden secret in one family’s past that will have repercussions for the entire nation.

Chase Truth

“You may never make peace with your father. But you can always make peace with yourself.”

- Brad


“Meltzer's masterful storytelling skills…keep his readers wondering until the last word.”

Fort Worth Star Telegram (4 stars)

“The author of DC's best thrillers.”


“The twists and turns…will keep even the most jaded reader up all night…Meltzer blends history into the story line, and a good portion of it is insider knowledge, giving authenticity to the conspiracy that is slowly unveiled. This is the third thriller to feature White, and it's a perfect cap to an amazing trilogy.”

Associated Press
The Culper Ring Series

There are stories no one knows. Hidden stories. I find those stories for a living. 

To most, it looks like Beecher White has an ordinary job.   A young staffer with the National Archives in Washington, D.C., he’s responsible for safekeeping the government’s most important documents…and, sometimes, its most closely-held secrets.

But there are a powerful few who know his other role. Beecher is a member of the Culper Ring, a 200-year old secret society founded by George Washington and charged with protecting the Presidency.

Now, the current occupant of the White House needs the Culper Ring’s help.  The alarming discovery of the buried arm has the President’s team in a rightful panic.  Who buried the arm? How did they get past White House security?  And most important:  what’s the message hidden in the arm’s closed fist? Indeed, the puzzle inside has a clear intended recipient, and it isn’t the President.  It’s Beecher, himself.

Beecher’s investigation will take him back to one of our country’s greatest secrets and point him towards the long, carefully-hidden truth about the most shocking history of all:  family history.

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