NEW! Brad’s Last Visit with President George H.W. Bush

Here’s the incredible story of Brad reading to President George H.W. Bush before he died. Bring tissues. From USA Today.

NEW! Inside The Lincoln Conspiracy

Time Magazine asked Brad for the best secrets of the FIRST plot to kill Abraham Lincoln

NEW! Researching The First Conspiracy

Here’s how Brad found the story about the Secret Plot to kill George Washington. From the Washington Post.

NEW! Why Heroes Matter

See Brad’s top two American heroes—and why we need good heroes more than ever. From Time Magazine.

NEW! America Needs Heroes Like Neil Armstrong

Brad explains why we need heroes who can teach our kids humility and the benefits of hard word. From CNN.

My First Lady

Brad married his high school sweetheart. Here’s the true life story as it appeared in Details magazine.

The Dictator That Was A Spy

The best secret Brad learned while researching The House of Secrets with an intelligence officer.

I Was A Real Life Secret Agent

Brad was a real-life secret agent. He didn't have the hand-grenade cuff links or the poison-dart pen, but in 2004 he was recruited by the Department of Homeland Security for its Red Cell program.

Need More Brad?

Click below to see a full in-depth interview with him talking about his other books, writing in general, and why he always hates his author photos.

I Need More Brad


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