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From the San Diego Union-Tribune

“Half-a-dozen chapters into The Zero Game, a thriller set in (and below) the halls of Congress (and currently No. 9 on the New York Times best-seller list), author Brad Meltzer cheats. That is to say, he breaks a basic, long-held rule of narrative. It’s a sucker punch. It’s grossly unfair. Why, if he’ll do that—and no way am I going to spoil it here—he’ll do anything. It’s impossible to feel comfortable while reading the rest of the book. Which is exactly why Meltzer did it. The Zero Game is, after all, a thriller. ‘I believe the genre is a trap,’ Meltzer, 33, said during a recent stopover in San Diego…”

From the Washington Post

“The Department of Homeland Security, given the difficult task of trying to divine al Qaeda’s future methods of attack on the United States, is seeking advice from some unexpected sources these days: futurists, philosophers, software programmers, a pop musician and a thriller writer [guess who?!]…”
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