If you watch one video on this site, watch this: Brad’s commencement address at Michigan. Get the tissues ready.

We launched the actual book into space. For real! Watch!

Goodness Thumbnail

Brad saved the life of his high school teacher. Here’s the story. Bring Kleenex.

Best first pitch (and fight) ever.

Brad Meltzer Lego Death Star - Lego Star Wars - Lego Tragedy & Hope

Brad Meltzer's USO Surprise

Everybody Hates Brad Meltzer. Click this first one. If you don't laugh, you are the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz.

"Ordinary People Change the World"

Books vs. Happy Meals

Boy with stutter whose reading video went viral gets big surprise from Brad Meltzer - A New Day

Brad Meltzer as Spider-Man (University of Michigan 1992)

Brad Meltzer breaks Guinness Record while doing Green Lantern Oath with decoder rings

Brad Meltzer College Talent Show (University of Michigan 1992)

LEGO Brad Meltzer

Saving Superman's House. With your help, the Siegel & Shuster Society raised more than $100,000 to help restore the house where Superman was created. Thank you to everyone who helped make this a reality. Find out more at OrdinaryPeopleChangeTheWorld.com.

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